Public corporation “Dmitrovskiy molochniy zavod” was founded in February 1929 as a milk collecting center where milk was preprocessed and shipped in Moscow. With the development of Dmitrov a necessity to supply populace with dairy products of wider assortment appeared. Technological equipping of plant made it possible to start the output of dairy products: pasteurized milk, sour cream and curds.

Widening of range and quality improvement of our products was held uninterruptedly by specialists of the company. The dairy products of Dmitrov won the approval of customers not only in Dmitrov. At the end of 70s existed areas and equipment didn’t satisfy the growing demand of customers on the products of Dmitrov Dairy Plant.. Thus it became necessary to reconstruct and reequip the plant.

In 1982-1992 the main production building was set in operation, interlock building of boiler room and compressed air plant was constructed with greater capacities to supply growing need of the plant in hot and cold water, steam and cold. New technological and production equipment was launched. New progressive technologies of dairy food production were implemented.

In 2000 two workshops of glazed cheese and curds mass production were put into operation. 77 types of glazed cheese and curds mass were offered to buyers by Dmitrov Dairy Plant. It is a significant number even nowadays.

In 2009 we celebrated the 80th anniversary of our enterprise. We sum up and analyze our achievements, and we plan our future. What is Dmitrov Dairy Plant today? It is a group of enterprises of complete production cycle with 80-year tradition of dairy production. It is the group which is capable to product high-quality goods independently on its plants and to deliver these goods to ultimate customer by its own vehicles. It is more than 200 names of goods carefully produced for our appreciated buyers. It’s a team of highly skilled technologists with 25 years working experience on the plant. Deep belief in our enterprise and devotion to our work help us to produce healthy and qualified goods which are approved by tens of millions customers.