About the company

Dmitrov Dairy Plant annually takes part in different exhibitions in Moscow, Moscow Region, including international exhibitions where the company is repeatedly rewarded with diplomas, letters of recommendation and letters of thank.

At the 16th International exhibition “Prodexpo-2009”, which took place in Moscow in February 2009, “Dmitrovskiy molochniy zavod” was rewarded with three diplomas and medals:

The Diploma of Laureate and “Gold” medal were presented for two-layer glazed cheese with 23% of fat content and with filling on cookie; whipped glazed cheese with whipped chocolate icing “Curd delicacies” with 23% of fat content; vanilla whipped glazed cheese in waffle and sugar puff and with chocolate icing “Curd puff” with 15% of fat content.

The Diploma of Laureate and “Silver” medal were presented for “Processed cheese with mushrooms” produced in Dmitrov Dairy Plant.

The Diploma of Laureate and “Bronze” medal were presented by competitive committee for such healthy and delicious product as “Ryazhenka” with 3,2 % of fat content.

This was a great present for our Birthday.. In February 2009 we celebrated 80th anniversary of Dmitrov Dairy Plant.

At the 15th International Exhibition of grocery products, drinks and primary products for its production “Prodexpo-2008” our dairy food were rewarded with Diplomas of First and Second Class for high consumer characteristics of our products: pasteurized milk, sour cream, curds mass and glazed cheese, ryazhenka.

80 years have passed since the moment when milk collecting center appeared near the highway. What is Dmitrov Dairy Plant today? It is definitely one of the leaders on the market of dairy goods production. Consumers can buy our products not only in Dmitrov but in 30 other towns in Russia. Producing more than 200 names of high quality products, the enterprise recycles more than 100 million liters of milk per year.

We can minimize our costs in precious time and “cold chain” delivery process due to 10 000 brand shops of direct delivery to ultimate customer in special vehicles. And the network of branded stores of its own will make the delivery of Dmitrov Dairy Plant production from a dairy farm to your table even faster. We cherish every minute when it comes to freshness of dairy products. We have been working for 80 years on dairy market and we are proud of our history and traditions of our plant. It is for sure that only fresh dairy goods can be healthy and tasteful.

In 2008 we reequipped our enterprise with the most modern equipment. We repaired old manufacturing workshops and built new ones which meet highest modern standards of quality. Now it is a brand new enterprise with old tradition of dairy products.

Our company has a great team of high qualified professionals. At least 26 specialists work in Analytics Department, most of them are gold medalists of best Russian institutes and universities. The oldest employee is 57 years old, the youngest one is 21. We have more than 300 indicators of activity effectiveness of our enterprise to avoid the possibility of non-standart products output.

We know very well that only products of high quality can be approved by our severe critics, our customers, to whom we are obliged for our success and for whom we have been doing our favorite work for over 80 years. Thank you for your long-term proven trust in our company!

Sincerely yours, General Manager of “Dmitrovskiy molochniy zavod”
Sergeev Nikolay.