Success story

History of the company

Dmitrov Interdistrict Head Dairy Plant was founded in 1929. From the foundation and till 1934 it was called “Raymolzhivsoyuz” and from 1934 to 1937 the name of the plant was “The district office for milk procurement”

From 1937 to 1951 it was renamed to “The district office Glavmoloko”

From 1952 to October 1955 - “Interdistrict office Glavmoloko”

From October 1955 to1959 – Dmitrov Interdistrict Head Dairy Plant

From1960 to 1963 - Dmitrov Head Dairy Plant

From 1963 to 1st April 1965 – Dmitrov Dairy Complex

From 1 April 1965 to 15 February 1967 - Dmitrov Head Dairy Plant

From 15 February 1967 till now the plant is called Dmitrov City Dairy Plant

From 1950 to 1957 the enterprise was under trust Mosmoloko

From 1958 to March 1963 the plant submitted to Department of Industry of food of the Moscow Regional Economic Council

From 1 April of 1965 – to Moscow Regional production Department of milk procurement and dairy industry - State Committee of milk and dairy industry

From February 1972 – to Moscow Regional Production Association of dairy industry

The historical information is based on city archive materials


The discount system applies in all brand shops of “Dmitrov Dairy Plant”.

Discounts are available if the customer has special discount card of public corporation “Dmitrovskiy molochniy zavod”.

For details call: (495) 993-93-34.