Responses and wishes

   Could you, please, place on your site the complete information of each product, how to produce it, what raw materials are used, in the section of product catalog. Thank you.

Nadejda Radzievskaya

   Hello! I would like to thank you. Recently I buy your glazed cheese, it should be noted that they have two considerable advantages: it is tasty and useful.

Darya, Moscow

   Good day! The whole office buys your glazed cheese 100g on breakfast. It is very tender, juicy cheese. The sweetness is perfect. Thank you for your quality products.


   Good morning. Recently corning curds came into use. I’m not a fancier of curds masses. But once my friend brought corning curd of “DMZ”, now I eat it almost every day, it is very tasty. I’ve decided to try identical products of different manufacturers: Actimel is too sweet, Postokvasheno is too salty, Semushkin product I even do not remember))). In general, you are the most delicious.


   I’m fond of your products. But, in me opinion, there should be more strawberry in corning curd with strawberry. Everything would be excellent than. Thank you.


   I always buy dairy products in your company’s brand store. I would like to note that "Ryazhenka" is a little thick, but curd is very good.

Andreev Vyacheslav, Dmitrov

   Good afternoon! Your plant has been functioning for many years already. Your company always changes products for the better. It's all fine, but, unfortunately, you do not pay enough attention to diet products!

Timoshina Yulia, Dmitrov

   Thank you so much, that you do exist. Your products are very delicious. Personally, I always buy milk and curd in your company’s brand store. But, unfortunately, your milk has too short shelf life. Can you do something with it?

Fedorova Lidiya, Dmitrov

   Hello! I’m the store manager and I sell dairy products of your company. Your goods are excellent. There are no complaints from our buyers. The only drawback is a very large number of empty containers, which remains afterwards. Is it possible to increase the number of products in the packing-box? Thank you!

Zinovieva Oksana, Dmitrov

   I have a request for you. Could you please make the report of updates in product assortment more quickly? It would be better to make a catalog of products and send it with each party of sold products.
Thanks in advance.

Sinegubov Vladimir, Moscow

   I've heard that “DMZ” opens a chain of stores across the city Dmitrov and not only there. How can I find the closest stores? Could you give us complete information about your brand stores, including the addresses and phone numbers of each?

Thank you!

Medvedev Michail, Dmitrov