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Dmitrov Dairy Plant has celebrated its anniversary it was founded 80 years ago!

Although the way from unknown trademark to favorite brand of many customers is long and uneasy, we intend to go this way further. We believe that people need our products and we are trying to make it more recognizable and accessible for our clients. And who are our buyers, for whom do we produce our products? In the language of professionals this question is - what is the idea of positioning of the brand "Dmitrov Dairy Plant"? What is our target audience? Where our customers will make purchases? Marketing strategy of brand begins with answers to those questions. Lets see.

We produce goods for children because there are very delicious and healthy curd desserts in assortment of our products. In every curd croissant and curd puff there is a glass of real cow's milk.

We produce goods for boys and girls, men and women, for those who are health-conscious. There are different health products in our assortment such as bifidok, Mechnikov yogurt, bifilife.

Our products are also designed for elderly people: curd, ryazhenka, kefir are affordable and extremely healthy.

Our products can be eaten on the run, when you feel hungry during the day and at home when the whole family gathers for lunch or dinner.

Delicious dishes can be made from our products.

We are trying to be closer to our customers in shops of walking distance, in already familiar and favorite supermarkets and trade centers, in the marketplaces, we open new brand shops of direct delivery and mobile tonars.

Thus, our customers are those who care about their health, wants to buy FRESH, NATURAL AND HEALTHY DAIRY PRODUCTS.

80 years ago Dmitrov Dairy Plant produced its goods specifically for their customers. We continue to follow this tradition today.

    WILD - We Create Great Taste
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1. Ltd. Dmitrovskiy Zavod Gibkoy Upakovki

Ltd. Dmitrovskiy Zavod Gibkoy Upakovki (DZGU) is one of the largest producers of modern flexible packaging of polymer materials for food and pharmaceutical industry, and also for products for technical purposes. Assortment of products includes polyethylene and polypropylene film, combined and multilayer materials, vacuum bags and padding, blister pack, foil with thermo lacquer, shrink-wrap for industrial and group packaging. Highly qualified specialists and modern equipment allows the company to implement the whole cycle of production: from designing of unique projects to production of finished commodity with application of high-quality flexographic and rotogravure printing and delivery to customer's warehouse.

All products have certificates of conformity and hygienic certificates and are allowed for food packaging, including baby food, by health authorities.

20, Promishlennaya Str., Dmitrov, Moscow Region, Russia, 141800

: +7 (495) 971-83-62, 971-86-50, 972-88-92; +7 (49622) 3-88-13, 3-25-22

: +7 (495) 972-41-87; +7 (49622) 3-57-71




WILD - We Create Great Taste

With a tradition of more than 70 years, WILD is one of the world's leading producers of natural ingredients to the food and beverage industry.


16A/2, Berezhkovskaya Naberezhnaya
RUS-121059 Moscow

Tel.:+7-495-741 02 00
Fax: +7-495-741 02 00 ext. 247


Manufacturing Group GOFRA

Manufacturing Group GOFRA specializes in the development of individual complex solutions for production and use of packaging of corrugated cardboard.

The company offers a wide range of corrugated packaging for use in any spheres. GOFRA is modern production facilities with high level of automation and designed to manufacture millions of square meters per year. Corrugated board has quality certificates and it repeatedly proved its efficiency as packing material.

The launch of new production which took place in 2006 will allow the company to consolidate the leading position among the manufacturers of shipping containers of corrugated cardboard in the Central Region of Russia. Current capacities of the company can satisfy the most demanding customers.

Central office

Moscow office

Address: office 1006, 3rd entrance, World Trade Center, 12, Krasnopresnenskaya emb., 123610, Moscow, Russia


Tel/fax: (495) 258-18-60 sales department

Production office


Address: 37, Promishlennaya Str., Dmitrov, Moscow Region, Russia, 148801


Tel/fax:(495) 940-91-67, 940-91-68 Client service department


Close corporation Lambumiz

Close corporation Lambumiz has been working on Russian market for 36 years already. The main activity is procurement of packages with a capacity of 0,5 and 1 l such as Pur Pak with flexographic printing for packaging of milk and products, flexible packaging (laminated foil, foil with thermo lacquer, polypropylene, polyethylene, parchment label paper), adhesive labels.

General Manager Korshunov A.

Close corporation Lambumiz is one of the largest producers of packaging for milk products in Russia. In 1972 the company became the founder of that area in business.


Financial Director
Belova Olga
Tel.: (495) 448-0034


51, Ryabinovaya Str., Moscow, Russia, 121471
Tel.:(495) 446-5524
Tel/fax:(495) 448-3335


The company Ekort

The production of paper stationery products is a priority in the activities of the company Ekort. This company ranks second for the production of receipt tape in Europe and it has the largest production base for processing paper in Russia. Ekort has no analogues in Russia in quantity and scale of its areas of activity. The production complex converts 40 000 tons of paper annually. Modern equipment in the complex allows implementing the whole cycle of paper production. Ekort converts different types of paper of foreign and Russian producers.

The company performs the following activities: manufacture of roll products - various checks (single-and multi-layer, in which each layer can be made of various paper types: normal, color, self-, temperature-sensitive, with different overprints, etc.) and rolls (for fax, health facilities, plotters and etc. production of format paper of all possible sizes and types designed for different purposes (wrapping, writing, for typewriters, printers, copiers, etc.).

Ekort has a variety of equipment which provides the process of unrolling and cutting of the paper directly from the rolls - both on the videos of all types, and in sheets ("Flatow") for subsequent cuttings to the formats of their future sorting, collection and packaging. The companys paper production machinery updated in accordance with the requirements of the market has more than 50 units of highly productive, easy to reconfigure equipment of such famous companies as GIEBELER, GOEBEL, SOMA, ADAST. It allows the company to produce a wide range of paper products.


22-24, Bolshoy Kharitonievskiy lane, Moscow, Russia, 107078
Tel.: (495) 777-70-70




Main activities of the enterprise are:

  • Production and sales of packaging materials
  • Sales of aluminum rolling and rolling of heavy non-ferrous metals
  • Sales of electrical products
  • Sales of equipment for packaging materials industry and other areas
  • Production and sales of thermosetting materials "NRL"

The manufacturing of its own of laminated aluminum foil, laminated paper, packaging foil, paper and film to printing design allows the company "MOST-1" to present to the market a wide range of modern, high-quality packaging. Ltd MOST-1 is the official distributor of Ltd trade house Russkiy alumineviy prokat. It is one the leading and most active members of Russian Association Soyuzupak" and "Russian Association of Metal Traders", a permanent member of different thematic exhibitions, it has awards and honorary diplomas of association. The company supplies the market with a wide range of rolled aluminum products of public corporation SMZ, BKMPO", KUMZ, "QMS", Mihalyum".With a modern warehouse base and its own transportation fleet, Ltd "MOST-1" is in full compliance with customer inquiries both in the assortment, and the volumes of deliveries. In recent years deliveries of electronic products on the enterprises of Russian Federation develop (cables, transformers, etc.). The company has more than 12,000 m2 of office, warehouse and production space and it provides jobs for more than 500 people. It has more than 5200 clients in Russian Federation and CIS and the number of clients grows. MOST-1contributes the bulk of its profits to the development of production and expanding of markets. Annual growth in sales volume of production ranges from 10 to 15%.


Legal address:
1, Lazoreviy passage, Moscow, 129323

Tel/fax: (495) 925-31-05, (495) 180-45-88

Aluminum and nonferrous metal, heat shrink materials, equipment
Tel/fax: (495) 186-60-88, 186-04-48, 180-12-02, 180-98-45

Packaging Materials
Tel/fax: 186-16-69 (), 925-31-07, 186-30-19


Close corporation Elopak

The company Elopak is one of the leading manufacturers of packaging and packaging systems for liquid food products of different sizes from 250 to 2000 ml in the world. Pure-Pak - the first carton packaging for liquid food products in the world lies in the basis of companys wide assortment of different packaging decisions. The company also offers a wide range of filling machines from 3000 to 16000 packages per hour (from the USA, Japan, Italy). Warranty and after-sales service. High quality, moderate prices.


Bld.1, 35, Usacheva Str., Moscow, 119048
Tel.: (495) 626-54-90
Fax: (495) 626-54-88



LTD. Polex Upakovka

The company Polex Upakovka" is the industry leader, the largest Russian producer of high quality packaging of polypropylene for the dairy and food industries, trays, containers and consumer packaging. Global technologies of production and perfect quality, reliability and confidence in your partner, confidence in the supplies and long-term capacity.

Office 501, 20, Kuskovskaya Str, Moscow, 111141

Tel.: (495) 221-91-91
Fax: (495) 221-91-91



Ltd. Voskresenskiy Canning Plant (Voskresenskiy Konservniy Combinat)

The enterprise Voskresenskiy Konservniy Combinat was founded in 1999. The company specializes in the production of canned milk and ingredients for the dairy, confectionery and baking industry. This is modern production equipped with German vacuum evaporators with high quality standards of raw materials and manufactured products.

Use of modern technologies and natural row materials provides good quality of goods which are produced on the base of technologists and specialists development of the company. VKK presents wide range of products which correspond to the principle of "price quality. Constant control on all stages of production is the guarantee of products quality. Specialists of the company carefully study the tastes and preferences of customers. This serves as good base for creation of new compositions and products.

The company pays great attention to the continuous improvement of customer service offering a flexible pricing policy and various additional services.


General manager: Didko Albina
Tel.: (495)956-24-28

Address: 47, Moskovskaya Str., Voskresensk, Moscow Region


Marketing department:

Tel.: (495) 956-24-49.
(495) 232-53-61



Confectionary Shokoladnitsa

Confectionary Shokoladnitsa specializes on the production of chocolate and confectionary glaze. During four years of work the enterprise has developed more than 70 kinds of glaze for all segments of market. Products are adapted for the production of confectionery food for covering ice cream and glazed cheese. Quality of products is a competitive advantage on the market of similar products.

From February 2007 the company has been working on new built areas. There has been a reproduction. New production lines in Germany and Switzerland, as well as automation of production allowed to increase the output of products to 2,000 tons per month. The company has automated prescription station, which ensures the continuity of production parameters of giver recipe.

The company has service-technical specialists that assist in the installation and connection of enrobing lines, tempering tanks and cooling tunnels.

Technologies of concern have great experience in the industry and know the features of production technology of glaze as well as the demands of consumers.

Currently the company prepares to release chocolates of premium varieties.

The company is situated in Domodedovo district, Moscow Region.
For the convenience of customers there is Trading House "Chocolate Girl" in Moscow where customers can get the necessary information.


Our address: 3, Profsoyuznaya Str., Moscow

Tel.: (495) 124-72-02,
Fax: (495) 124-53-90



Ltd. NaDo

The company NaDo" specializes in production and marketing of fruit and berry fillings, marmalade jelly and fillers of confectionery group for the production of ice cream, the dairy and confectionery industry.

The company NaDo" produces fruit and berry fillers using frozen fruits and berries, concentrated juices and fruit purees.
The assortment of products includes:
fruit and berry fillers for the production of ice cream, dairy products (yogurt, glazed cheese, curds desserts, aerated curds), bakery and confectionery industry,
fillers of confectionery group (caramel topping, cream),
caramel and marmalade cubes which are used to decorate the dairy and confectionery products.

All products are certified and confirmed by the certificate of quality.


Address: 2, Sovetskaya Str., Otradniy, Samara Region, Russia, 446301

Tel.: (84661) 2-27-68,
(84661) 5-15-60, 5-15-40, 5-15-51

Ltd. Lanit-99

The leader on Russian market of natural ingredients for the food industry.

The company was founded in 1999 by a group of like-minded people. Due to the high professionalism of the staff and orientation towards European standards of business ethics, the company Lanit-99 " expands the list of its regular customers and increases the product range every year. Currently the company offers over 150 different ingredients.

The product assortment can be divided into 4 main groups:

  • Dried herbs and vegetables
  • Spices, natural
  • Nuts, dried fruit, jam
  • Supplements

In addition to the basic range, there are positions which are supplied to order. Most of these are high quality natural spices that pass through several stages of processing and correspond to unique specifications developed by the customer.

Pre-agreed schedule ensures timely delivery to the client and eliminates the need for storage of goods for a long period of time. Lanit-99 " is company oriented to customer. That is why all the conditions of cooperation are being discussed on an individual basis.

In support of the Russian manufacturers the company has developed a special program aimed to improve the quality of service. This program includes preferential pricing.


Tel.: +7 (495) 232-40-00

+7 (495) 230-61-93

3 entrance, 1 floor, Bld. 22, 32, Khoroshovskoe highway, Moscow, 123007


Group of companies Soyuzsnab

The company was founded in 1991. Now commercial and industrial group of companies "Soyuzsnab is the largest Russian company on the market of supply and production of ingredients for enterprises in Russia and CIS countries.

The group of companies includes enterprises specialized in all sectors of food industry, the cosmetic, paint, construction, chemical industry and household chemicals, as well as stock-farms.

During the years of development "Soyuzsnab" has worked its way up from a company that supplied raw materials and ingredients for food industries to commercial and industrial group of companies, serving customers with a comprehensive variety of industries - from the search and supply of individual commodities to developing and implementing joint projects for the modernization of technological processes.

Purposefully following the strategic development plan, today a group of companies "Soyuzsnab" has its own production base, long-term partnerships with world leading manufacturers, sound logistics system, modern information technology, extensive network of branches in Russia and CIS countries, innovation and technology center, analytical laboratory staff of industry technologists, professional staff.

The permanent search for new directions of development, improved methods of mutually beneficial cooperation, optimize assortment of supplied raw materials allow the group of companies Soyuzsnab to expand its clients base and strengthen credibility with partners, suppliers, to develop relationships with new companies from CIS and foreign countries annually.

Wide range of raw materials from the world's best manufacturers and its own production, quality service, information technology support, professional staff, friendly and personal approach to each client are just a few factors that were determinants to 7,500 enterprises in Russia and neighboring countries while selecting a group of companies "Soyuzsnab" as a business partner.

The introduction of advanced technology of sales, quality client service, significant potential for development gives the company the right for being proud and optimist for the future, which is closely connected with the development and prosperity of its partners.


Central office:
: Address: 6, Iliinskiy deadlock, Krasnogorsk, Moscow Region, Russia, 143400
Tel.: (495) 937-87-37 (multichannel)
Fax: (495) 937-87-20


Sales Department:
Confectionery: (495) 937-87-48 (-26, -30)
Oil and Fat: (495) 937-87-35
Milk: (495) 937- 87-34
Meat: (495) 937- 87-44
Bakeries: (495) 937- 87-31
Ice-cream production: (495) 937- 87-34
Drinks production: (495) 937-87-46
Food concentrates: (495) 937-87-27
Agriculture: (495) 937-87-50
Industrial and household chemicals: (495) 937-87-72

Personnel Department: (495) 937 8757
Advertising Department: (495) 937 8752


Close corporation Stirolplast

Today Stirolplast is one of the largest companies on Russian market. In some aspects Stiroplast is a leader among manufacturers of disposable plastic tableware and packaging, polystyrene and polypropylene tapes fabricated by thermoforming and plane-extrusion.

Production is situated 120 km from Moscow, in the Yaroslavl Region, Pereslavl-Zaleski.

The use of advanced technologies for processing of high quality of raw materials on high imported equipment, as well as the experience and professionalism of companys staff allow it to produce high-quality competitive products and satisfy the needs of our clients.

All products of close corporation "Stirolplast, as well as the raw material that are used in the production process, have sanitary-epidemiological certificates and certificates of compliance.


Tel.: (495) 741-44-46, (499) 943-86-04